48Indian a limited Indian Motorcycle parts website for the early teens to 1953 Indians. Reproduction to original used parts. Some parts we make or piece together. We have been into the Springfield Indians since 1985. We met many Indian factory employees, most of whom have past on, who were very interesting to listen to when they'd start talking of their working days at the Indian factory. Anything we can help you with feel free to e-mail us.

1940 to 1942 Indian Sport Scoutand JR. Scout Battery Clamp. $40.00

#116A 1948 to 1951 Indian Motorcycle Chief Front Speedometer Cable Clips. $16.00

Clip bolts to bottom right side foward bolt. Cad plated.


Black, Red and White 6 1/4″ Chief Patch. $7.00

Can be ironed or sewed on. Black, white and red


1936 to 1953 All Indian ‘s Cam Cover Breather Tube Disc With Hole. $4.00

# 55 1938 to 1953 Distributor OR Carburetor Control Swivel Cad Plated. $12.00

1937 to 53 Chief, 1936 to 42 Jr. Scout 1936 To 42 Spt. Scout 1941 741 Clutch Peddle Spring. $9.00

1936 to 1942 Sport Scout Primery Gasket With Center Gasket. $10.00

1941 741 Primery Gasket With Center Gasket. $10.00

#8 A 1946 to 1948 Pair of Front Fork Shock Studs, Washers and Nuts. $19.00

Cad plated studs and washers, the nuts are polish stainless.8A

Fork, Front Shock

121B 1946 to 1947 Chief Fork Girder 8-O-Ring Seal. Replaces Original Felts. $4.00