#127 1941 741 Millitary Front Brake Clip. Cad Plated Look. $6.00

1941 741 millitary front brake clip. Stainless steel cad plated look.

Brake, Clips

#116A 1948 to 1951 Indian Motorcycle Chief Front Speedometer Cable Clips. $22.00

Large clip bolts to gas tank lower foward bolt. this clip is cad plated with stainless steel nut washers and screw. Smaller clip holds speedometer cable to the right front fender, This clip fasteners are stainless steel with a rubber pad on the bottom.

Clips, Speedometer, Speedometer Cable

#75B 4-1927 to 1929 101 Scout Rear Fender Tail Light Wire Clips. $8.00

# 86B 6-1930 to 1931 101 Scout Rear Fender Tail Light Wire Clips. $12.00

32 A. 1940 to 1953 All Models Wire Harness Clip. Fastens Under Seat Post. Polish Stainless $6.00

Main Wire Harness Clip Fits under seat post left side Frame. Polish Stainless.

Clips, Wires

#21 1940 to 1953 Chief Cad Plated Look 7-Clip Set. Chrome Plated Look. $22.00

1940 to 53, 7 clip set, 2- Ignition & throttle cable clips, 3- chain guard brake light wire with bolts, nuts & washers, 1- wire harness to frame left side under seat post has screw, 1- break cable to upper right fork back side has screw. All are Stainless Steel


#54 1936 to 1953 Indian Chief Breather Tube Clip. $5.00

All are stainless steel..54


#88A 1934 to 1953 Throttle Cable Clip Bolts to Left Side Cylinder Head. Cad Plated. $15.00

#91 1941 to 1942 Indian Motorcycle Military 640B & 741 Rear Fender Wire Clips Cad Plated Look Stainless steel $22.00

#73 Front brake cable clip for 1929 to 1939 Indian Motorcycle 101 Scout, Sport Scout, Chief $6.00

Clip and fasteners are stainless steel.

Brake, Clips